Come for a free session to see the value we offer.  NO Contracts EVER!

3 x s a week for $90.00 a month equals $7.50 per class, a personal trainer will charge between $40 and $75 per class.

 Memberships are

  • $90.00 a month for our Sport rate (LBN or 3x a week)
  • $120.00 a month for Unlimited.
    • One on one training is available!
      $50.00 for one session of private 1 on 1
      $240.   for 6 session of private 1 on 1 punch card

      $420.   for 12 session of private 1 on 1 punch card

  • 10% military/LEO/Fire/EMS discount

We have an endurance program that meets 5xs a week for  $90.00 per month.

Ask about our service industry discount! (finally a safe place to decompress from tourism)

Personal Training is available at $50.00 per session with any of our specialty coaches. (Endurance, Foundations, Football, Gymnastics, Strongman.)
$240.00 6 session On Ramp. (one on one training geared to prepare the uninitiated for normal classes.  This is a 1 time on ramp special)
Punch cards available, as well as Nomad rates. Please call for pricing of each.
(321) 636-4206

Please call for a free consultation.  We will discuss nutrition and price plans.  I can promise you will get much more than you expect.  Come and see why this is such a value.  Remember if you don’t take time to take care of yourself, you will have to make time to get over being sick.

  1. Aaron Collins says:

    ummm yes, i was wondering about a nomad rate for an original 26.2 member….he will be down in may and would really like to get a killer workout in while he is down! Hope all is well! I love the site and that your gym is rockin!!! miss you guys!

  2. SSgt Matt Cornelius says:

    Fellow firebreathers,
    wondering where to get a shirt as thats a cool desgin and I agree….

  3. Cory Collins says:

    I too will be coming down in May for ab 3 weeks and was wondering ab the Nomad rate…Im getting ready for Ranger School and need to somewhere to work til i collapse everyday…Think you could help out…?

  4. Jason Granger says:

    Would like to see if I could schedule a free consultation? If I need to call, please let me know and I will.

    Jason Granger

  5. Julia says:

    What exactly is the LBN program? What time/days do they meet?

  6. Allie says:


    LBN is “look better naked” program. It is our beginners program that meets 3x a week. Mon, wed, and thursday at 6 pm. Come check us out!

  7. Kevin says:

    Hey Allie,

    I haven’t been back there for about two years. I’ll be here for about two weeks, just wondering if we could work something out for payments. I’m going to drop into the 5:30 class today. Thanks.

  8. A says:

    And as drop in, I mean for your first official member… I’m in town this week!?!? When can I drop in

  9. Hi! Is the endurance class, that meets 3x a week, $90 per week or $90 per month?

  10. I have never done CrossFit but I have been working out for months 3-4 times a week. What is the best program for me and my husband is military.

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