Ive earned the highest of fives
HIGH 5!!!!!!

Allie Newell-

Allie has been doing CrossFit since 2007 holds certification from level 1, level 2, endurance, gymnastics, Level 1 USAW, Mobility, Advanced clinical weight loss practitioner, and is a certified Ignite neuromotive coach.  Allie hosts regular running clinics that focus on the POSE technique and will help to cut your Helen or Murph time with some simple changes.  He started coaching in Brevard’s first CrossFit gym and opened 26.2CrossFit with the support of that gym.  Allie has been a professional Fire Fighter since 2000 and is a Lieutenant as well.  He has a wikipedic type knowledge of nutrition so be prepared for a long chat if you ask why milk doesn’t cure osteoporosis.   

“You train here to play out there.  Try new things, go test yourself!”



sebass dead

Sebastian Jackowski

Sebastian managed to take control of his life through finding fitness. Growing up he became overweight, had a tough time in school with socializing to make friends, and occasionally was bullied. As the years went on he joined a local gym, and began to get in shape. Eventually Sebastian joined the wrestling team for his high school, and found something to be competitive in. This later sparked an interest in him to progress further into working out. After high school Sebastian went on to compete as a teenage Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, and even did two CrossFit competitions. After years of competing and helping others along the way it lead him into becoming a level one CrossFit coach. Since then Sebastian has been constantly pursuing to become better each day, and showing others that they can do the same. When it comes to getting fit, losing weight, and having a good mindset Sebastian will be there to help.



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