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Allie Newell-

Allie has been doing CrossFit since 2007 holds certification from level 1, level 2, endurance, gymnastics, Level 1 USAW, Mobility, Advanced clinical weight loss practitioner, and is a certified Ignite neuromotive coach.  Allie hosts regular running clinics that focus on the POSE technique and will help to cut your Helen or Murph time with some simple changes.  He started coaching in Brevard’s first CrossFit gym and opened 26.2CrossFit with the support of that gym.  Allie has been a professional Fire Fighter since 2000 and is a Lieutenant as well.  He has a wikipedic type knowledge of nutrition so be prepared for a long chat if you ask why milk doesn’t cure osteoporosis.   

“You train here to play out there.  Try new things, go test yourself!”



Kyle Zulon-

(Head Coach)

Kyle has been a natural athlete his whole life. His knowledge in sports mixed with multiple certifications makes him valuable to this gym. Kyle has a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida and is currently working on his Master of Science in Exercise Science at UCF. He currently is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), and CrossFit level One coach. Kyle is very well-rounded in his knowledge in exercise, nutrition, and health.  He can help any CrossFit athlete learn how to perform the movements correctly and safely while obtaining their goals.

Claire Cawthon-

Gymnastics and explosive power

Began CrossFit at 26.2 shortly after moving to Brevard in June 2012. Now a Level 1 Coach, her specialty is coaching gymnastics movements. Claire was a former collegiate gymnast and current USA Gymnastics coach and official. She finds that her knowledge and experience in the sport easily transfers to coaching skills in CrossFit. She especially enjoys helping clients learn the technique for kipping pull-ups and handstands, two gymnastics movements that are frequently used in CrossFit.

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Lance Boncek-

Lance is a true Florida native. Being born and raised right here in Brevard County, Lance joined the Marine Corps shortly after high school. Lance excelled through the physical training that the Marine Corps had to offer, but he soon began to look for the next challenge…He found Crossfit! After serving 4yrs lance began pursuing a career in law enforcement. During the academy Lance received his classes most physically fit and defensive tactics award. Lance continues his training daily to maintain his tactical edge. During a WOD you might hear lance remind you, “Look to your left and right, yeah their life sucks too!-embrace the suck!”


Marc Boucher

Marc has been physically active since he was a young tyke in New England.  The son of an avid mountaineer and runner, he ran his first half marathon at age 11.  Growing up with access to the White Mountains in New Hampshire, Marc and his family spent almost every weekend of his formative years hiking, backpacking, backwoods camping and rock climbing.  Also an avid fan of obstacle course racing and rucking, Marc is also an active ambassador for Tough Mudder style races and GORUCK.

As a coach Marc believes that a person can never stop learning.  Currently a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Marc is studying for ACE Personal Trainer certification and additional CrossFit certifications including endurance and nutrition.  When it comes to coaching athletes, Marc’s philosophy is that there is absolutely no reason why athletes can’t get smoked hard, be enthusiastically encouraged but also have a good time.   No athlete under Marc’s guidance will ever feel like they are not important or made to feel like they shouldn’t be there.

Kiel DiGennaro Damn Strong

Kiel DiGennaro

Kiel DiGennaro is the Head Strength Coach for Rockledge Barbell Club at 26.2 CrossFit.  Kiel has been a strongman athlete for over 10 years (currently Florida’s Strongest Man, 2nd in the U.S.A, and 32nd in the World as an amateur strongman) and a strength coach for over 3 years.  Kiel specializes in strongman/power lifting hybrid training programs and mobility training.  He has experience coaching and writing strength programming for teen athletes, strongman competitors, CrossFit competitors, power lifters, masters athletes and people looking for general fitness to improve their quality of life.  He said, “I believe that the better mobility you have, the more efficient you can become with any movement which will make you stronger in the gym and in life.”

Fuerte como torro

Nill Saybe

Nill Saybe is a Brevard county native and longtime strength athlete.  Graduating from Palm Bay High School in 2006, he competed on the school’s power lifting team and the track and field team, where he threw the shot-put, placed second in the district, and made the All Conference Team. As Level-1 CrossFit coach, he specializes in strength and power sports. He began competing in Strongman in 2015.  In that first year he competed 5 times, winning 2 competitions, including his first, and earning a trip to Strongman Nationals, where he placed 11th overall in the Heavyweight-300 lbs class. Coach Nill’s fitness philosophy is one of positivity and encouragement.  “There ain’t nothin’ special ’bout me.  I got 2 arms and 2 legs just like most folks.  And if I can do it, so can you!  Most folks don’t know how much they are truly capable of, how strong they truly are, and tend to sell themselves short.  I always tell folks that they aren’t allowed to lie to themselves by saying things like ‘I can’t’ or speaking down about themselves.  It’s not that you can’t, it’s just that you haven’t done it, yet.  I believe everyone can do anything they want if they are willing to work for it.”

When Nill isn’t coaching or training, he’s either cooking, eating anything rice, riding dirt bikes, or spending time with his lovely woman, his handsome baby boy, and his two lovable dogs.


Sebastian Jackowski

Sebastian managed to take control of his life through finding fitness. Growing up he became overweight, had a tough time in school with socializing to make friends, and occasionally was bullied. As the years went on he joined a local gym, and began to get in shape. Eventually Sebastian joined the wrestling team for his high school, and found something to be competitive in. This later sparked an interest in him to progress further into working out. After high school Sebastian went on to compete as a teenage Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, and even did two CrossFit competitions. After years of competing and helping others along the way it lead him into becoming a level one CrossFit coach. Since then Sebastian has been constantly pursuing to become better each day, and showing others that they can do the same. When it comes to getting fit, losing weight, and having a good mindset Sebastian will be there to help.

  1. Tyler Clark says:

    This message is for Dan Chavez.

    I saw your homemade GHD on mainsite and I was wondering if you would be willing to share your DIY instructions for the construction of the GHD. I don’t really have the money for a GHD right now…but I do have the craftsmanship as long as there’s an instruction booklet nearby.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    C. Tyler Clark

    • Dan Chavez says:


      I’m working on getting a set of GHD prints to proper specks. With a materials list. Cost of the prints will be around $75.00 shipped in the USA. Contact me at if your interested in purchasing a set of prints. GHD prints are not associated with 26.2crossfit in any way.

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  3. Sean Morrison says:

    I am in from out of town and looking to take a few drop in classes. What is the drop in rates? Also will you validate for the open work out. My gym is out of Rhode Island

    • Allie says:

      Yes of course. Drop ins are $10 and we have 3 judges that have taken the judges course. Call the gym and we will make it work with your Schedule

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