Endurance and muscle?

Are you wasting your time running?

If you just want to check a box that you did a 5 K, half marathon, or full marathon you don’t have to train like your out to win the thing.  Come see how reasonable your bucket list training can be.

If you are however competitive in Tris or running we got your game too!

Here at 26.2 CrossFit we have a team of coaches who program short, high-intensity intervals to help athletes prepare for distance events. The workouts offer the same results as logging multiple miles per day, but put less wear and tear on the body. When one trains for long durations it calls for low intensity. This results in a breed of an athlete who is less powerful, has less lean muscle and are more prone to injury. Many endurance athletes who train like this also suffer from low energy and short careers in their sport. We will make you faster. We will increase your muscle to weight ratio. Instead of spending $200.00 on a sprocket to shave 2oz we will give you gains across your entire event and life. We will increase your power. You will have more energy and less injury. Come explore our program.

What we offer:

Group Fun Run. This is once a week and is open to all 26.2 CrossFit members and all non-members who would like to come out and join in on the fun. We alternate between Saturday and Sunday mornings at call 321 636 4206 to see if we are meeting at the river or the track.

Private Endurance Coaching. This is an amazingly effective complement to your sport-specific training program. We will identify your athletic goals, assess your movement and program specifically for improving your deficiencies and optimizing your strengths.

Small Group Endurance Classes. Our small group classes are perfect for the athlete looking to get the benefits of one on one coaching and the social interaction of team training. These classes are ideal for individuals with the same fitness goals and the endurance workouts are tailored to address the goals of the group. Come to these classes and bring a friend or family member to train with and this option is perfect for you! These are the groups that will join you in Ragnar, Spartan, or Tough Mudder races!

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