Y’all come back now

26.2 CrossFit – CrossFit

An Alpha is not the one who yells the loudest, the alpha takes care of the pack, if you don’t have band aids in your pocket your probably just barking louder.


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds (~8:00):

400m Run

:15 sec hang from bar

:20 sec Spiderman Stretch ea. side

10 Inchworm to Push-ups [Video](https://youtu.be/LZm45woGWl4)


Y’all Come back now (Time)

5 Rounds For Time:

100 Meter Double Dumbbell Farmers Carry (50/35)

30 AbMat Sit-ups

10 Dumbbell cleans (50/35)

* Score = Time it takes to complete the workout
12-15minutes of work

Aerobic Literacy

Backhand (LT) (Time)

Part 1

2 Sets

500M at moderate/fast pace no rest

500M easy, no rest

400M at moderate/fast pace no rest

400M easy, no rest

300M at moderate/fast pace no rest

300M easy rest 3 Min

Part 2

4X 100M sprint at your 400M max pace with full recovery between reps

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