Lisa’s Birthday WOD

26.2 CrossFit – CrossFit

There are people that defy description, encourage and emulate them don’t waste time trying to figure out why.


Dynamic Endurance Warm Up (No Measure)

High Knees



2×20 Foot Pulls

Ball Of Foot Hops

Charlie Angel Run

Prisoner Run

200M Run

10 GHD Sit Up

10 GHD Back/Hip Ext

Spiderman Stretch

Overhead Squat

Dead Bugs

Leg Swings

Arm Swings


Lisa’s Bday WOD 🙂 (Time)

For time


36 Pull-ups

36 Cals on Bike

36 KB swings #70/55

36 Burpees

36 Air squats

1983 meter row
There is a 38 REP burpee finish in addition to the workout ! This is not included in the time

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