Bench Pyramid

26.2 CrossFit – CrossFit

**“It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but rather the most adaptive to change.” – Charles Darwin**


Bench Press Warm-Up (No Measure)

400m run

Then 1 round of each:

1) Shoulder internal rotation with lacrosse ball at inferior angle of scapula: 1-2 minutes on each side

2) 3 position doorway pec stretch: 30 seconds in each position

3) Shoulder external rotation with PVC on bench: 1-2 minutes

4) Scapular Presses in Push-up position x 15-20 reps

5) Push-ups 10-15 reps


Bench Press (6 4 2 2 2 4 6)

The goal is to build in load and achieve a heavy double by set 4 or 5. When we re-visit the reps of 4 and 6, we can look to lift a little more than the first two sets.

Add the 4s and 6s to notes


400m Run (Time)

Max Effort 400m Run

1-Mile Run (Time)

Max Effort 1-Mile Run

Extra Credit

Homework (LT) (Time)

1 X 1000M jog, 1 Min rest

2 X 500M 1 min rest between efforts

1 X 800 M jog 1 Min rest

2 x 400M 1 min rest between efforts

1 600M jog 1 min rest

2 300M 1 min rest beween efforts

1 400M jog 1 min rest

2 200M 1 Min rest berween efforts
the jog is recovery the efforts are fast

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