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26.2 CrossFit – CrossFit

**“People are not lazy. They simply have goals that do not inspire them.” – Tony Robbins**


Warm-up (No Measure)

Jog/Run 400m

10 Alternating or Regular V-Ups [Movement](https://youtu.be/pE0OL-As3Zkhttp://)

10 Glute Bridge [Movement](https://youtu.be/z5Oy18jjbrMhttp://)

10 PVC Strict Press (:2 pause at the top)

5 Slow Squats (:3 down)

10 Abmat Sit-Up

(for newer or de-conditioned athletes, please reduce the distance of run as needed)


This little gym Piggy (Time)

3 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

24 GHD Sit-Ups (or Overhead Medball Abmat Sit-Ups)

12 Clean and Jerks (135/95)*
20 Min

If not efficent at GHD move to ab mat

Extra Credit

Influence (Distance)

7 Min easy jog

30sec rest

1X200M at 1 mile pace

30 Sec rest

6 min easy jog

30 Sec rest

1X200M 1 mile pace

30 Sec rest

5min,4,3,2,1…..continue pattern

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