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26.2 CrossFit – CrossFit

It is not the amount of faith you have that the ice is thick enough its the amount of ice there is to support your weight.
The smallest amount of faith will give a great yield if the object of your faith is great!


3 Minutes of Cardio (No Measure)

Bike, run 400M, jump rope, crossfit warm up……


Allie Loves You (Time)

6 rounds for time of:

5 Squat Cleans, 125/85 lbs

10 Pull-ups

Row, 200 m
Partners alternate rounds: Partner #1 completes one full round, while partner #2 rests. Once partner #1 finishes they switch.

At any time during the rest period, the partner resting can make one attempt at a max L-sit. This partner records the L-sit time and switches with their partner once their partner completes their round of the exercises above.

The score for this workout is the total time taken to complete 6 rounds as a team minus the sum of all 6 max L-sits.

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