20 Questions

26.2 CrossFit – CrossFit

**“No one was ever wise by chance” –Seneca**


Warm-up (No Measure)

Active Spidermans

PVC Pass Throughs

Mountain Climbers

PVC Overhead Squats

Frog Hops

PVC Pass Throughs (More Narrow)

Slow Burpees

PVC Overhead Squats (More Narrow)

Rojas Warmup (No Measure)

Empty Bar

10 good mornings

10 squats

10 push press

10 snatch grip deadlift

3 power snatch

2 squat snatch


Extra Credit

20 Questions (Time)

For Time:

20 Power Cleans (95/65)

20 Thrusters (95/65)

20 Push Press (95/65)

20 Hang Power Snatches (95/65)

20 Overhead Squats (95/65)

20 Front Squats (95/65)

On the Minute: 5 Burpees
* Today’s workout includes 6 lightweight barbell movements and one bodyweight movement

* The goal of this barbell conditioning piece is to complete the 120 barbell reps for time

* However, 5 burpees at the top of each minute will slow your progress

* After finishing the burpees, you’ll pick up wherever you left off on the barbell

* We begin the workout with burpees at the 0:00 and will repeat them on the 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and so on…

* We intended time range of this workout is between 12-18 minutes

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