Pura Vida 19

26.2 CrossFit – Open Gym

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Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

7 minute AMRAP of

7 wall balls

7 Burpees over the ball


All athletes get a 10’ target

Rest 2 minutes

12 min Max total weight Clean and jerk

Rest 3 minutes

14 minute AMRAP of

20 Sit Ups

100′ hose drag

20 KB Swings 35/53/72#

Rest 2 minutes

Run 2 miles
Clean and Jerk

*Athlete selects weight (Have to use the same weight for the whole event)

*Division 1, Division 2, Division 4: 95-225 lbs (Men Rx, Women Rx, Men scaled, Men masters, all teams)

*Division 3: 65-225 lbs (Women Scaled Women masters)

*Athletes get 12 minutes to accumulate as much weight as possible in reps. (225 10 times is 2250 points)

*Each bar will have 2 25s,2 35s, and 4 45s

*There will be a 45 pound bar, a 35 pound bar, and a 15 pound bar available.

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