Child’s Play

26.2 CrossFit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Single Unders

Inchworm to Push-up (

Glute Bridges (

Single Unders

Active Spidermans + Hamstring Stretch (

Single Leg Glute Bridges (30 Each Side)

Single Unders

Air Squats

Glute Bridge Walkouts(

Rojas Warmup (No Measure)

Empty Bar

10 good mornings

10 squats

10 push press

10 snatch grip deadlift

3 power snatch

2 squat snatch


Thruster (Heavy set of 3)

Coming from the floor, athletes will have 15 minutes to build to a heavy set of 3


Child’s Play (Time)

3 Rounds:

10 Thrusters (115/85)

20 Deadlifts (115/85)

50 Double Unders

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