Week 6 day 5

26.2 CrossFit – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

400 m run

3 rounds of 10 goblet squats, 10 ring rows, :30 butterfly stretch

Back Squat (1 x 3RM)

No misses.. good a gauge for weight selection would be <90% of 1RM

Paused Back Squat (1×3 @ 80% of 3RM)

3 second pause at the bottom of the squat.
Pause :03 in the hole. Use 80% of today’s 3RM

GHD Back Extension (3 x 15)

Metcon (Time)

partner prowler sprints

5 sets x 50 meters

Rest 1:30 between sets

MM #195, MF #145, FF #95
MM= male male partners

FF= female female partners

MF= male female partners

Record Best sprint

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