Week 13 Day 1

26.2 CrossFit – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

Coach take 3 minutes for a general warm up to get the heart rate up then spend 10 minutes on coaching and having the athletes work on their pull ups.

Hollow Position

Kip Swings

Kip Swing Straight Arm Pull

Kip Swing straight arm pull then once weightless, pull with arms

And the push away from the bar

If an athlete does not have one single strict pull up, they are not allowed to kip. If they only have 1 strict pull up, they are allowed to kip. Use the same kip drills with them, just while they are standing on a box under the pull up bar, in a jumping pull up position.

After that, the athletes can take 4 minutes to work up to their press weight.

10 press with empty bar

5 @ 30%

5 @ 45%

Then they will hit their first working set.

Shoulder Press (5@ 65% 5@75% 5+@85% of tr max)

be sure to use the new way of finding your wodify 1RM

Metcon (Time)


Weighted Step Ups

Pull Ups
Mens Rx is 35#(ish) each hand to a 20 inch box.

Womens Rx is 25#(ish) each hand to a 16 inch box.

If you fluctuate weight 5 pounds or so in either direction due to lack of dumbbells, that is fine.

You will have to use the 10in boxes and stack plates, to make the 16in boxes.

Focus on the quality of the movement. Your step ups should be smooth and non-compromising. Your pull ups should be kipped or butterflied or strict, whatever you wish, under control and purpose while maintaining and going through your hollow positions. Think to make your body as long as possible.

Choose technique over intensity but push yourself. If your form isn’t deteriorating slightly for you to make minor corrections during the workout, then you are not at your threshold, push harder.

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