Ugly Sweater WOD!

26 2 CrossFit – CrossFit

Elves Gone Bad (AMRAP – Reps)

4 Rounds

Fight Gone Bad Style

*Push Santas Sleigh

-P1&P2 Shuttle Sled Push

*Deck the Halls

-P1 Wall Balls of Holly

-P2 Mistle Toes to Bar

*Jingle Bells

-P1 Rope Climb Ring the Bell

-P1 Jingle Bell Swings

*Load the Presents

-P1 Sandbag Burpees

-P2 D-Ball Get Ups

*Reindeer Run

-P1 20M Shuttle Sprints

-P2 Ding Dong Deadlifts

*Rest 1 Minute

**** Will work in pairs. Go for max reps or max distance in the one minute. Partners will switch sets each round. For example, During round 1, partner A will do Wall Balls and partner B will do T2B. During round 2 Partner A will do T2B and Partner B will do Wall Balls… Except for the sleigh. During the 1 minute, partner A will push the sleigh for 100 feet, 50ft out and 50ft back, then partner B will push for 100ft in the same manner, you will go for max distance in the minute, each 100ft counts as 1 rep… For the reindeer run, each 20M increment counts as 1 rep.

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