26 2 CrossFit – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

-Warm Up- 600m “back to front sprints” + “Thunderstruck Burpees” ** Jumping Jack during rest!

-Partner WOD- 20 Rounds (10 each, 25 min cap):

Partner 1: 1 Round: 10 KBS (53/35) 250m Row or 200m Run

Partner 2: Plank Hold (any variation: arms or elbows, side plank, etc..) * Partner 1 does their 1 Round of work, while Partner 2 hold any variation of plank. When Partner 1 finishes Row/Run Partners rotate

Extra Work: 1.) 30-20-10: Weighted ABMAT Sit Ups 2.) Bench Press: 5×5, sets across

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