26 2 CrossFit – LBN

Skill of Running (No Measure)

Coach explains and demonstrates the Pose Method of running then can choose from a few of the drills below:

Ball of Foot Hops

Wall Foot Pulls

Partner Fall Drill

Wall Fall Drill

Charlies Angels Run

Prisoner Run

… And many more…

Metcon (Time)

“Death By 10 Meter”

Minute 1: Run 10 Meters

Minute 2: Run 20 Meters

Minute 3: Run 30 Meters

Minute 4: Run 40 Meters…

Continue to increase distance by 10 meters every minute. Once you cannot complete the designated meters in the minute, take a 1 minute break and start from the beginning. Your score will be the highest minute you completed in the first round.

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