Want to start getting Healthy!?

You can do this click here to start

We are at 402 Hawk St in Rockledge.  Turn off Barton Blvd on Baldwin.

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Tratamos de hablar español. Hablar despacio nosotros somos gringo fobulouso


Are you ready to get fit? Is CrossFit for you?  Yes it is!

The best time to start was in high school, however the next best time to start is today!

Come to the foundation classes Monday through Friday at 930 am or 630 pm

You don’t have to get in shape to start that’s what we do. Click me.

Welcome to 26.2 CrossFit. Our goal is to help people accomplish goals that they never believed they could reach.  How about we cut the crap and speak clearly?

We want people that want results.  Do you want to make a change in your life?  You want results! That is precisely what we do.

You have got to be completely sick of paying $5-$50 a month to have a membership you don’t use.  Come get the life change you are looking for.  I would rather have 100 people that show up and try, than 400 people that pay and never come.  We are a community based in effort, eager to have you become part if you are willing to just try.

This is the last time you have to try, this is where you will find what you need to stick to it.

Its no fun to do it on your own, Meet your new friends here!

Through your effort and our dedication we can achieve greatness.  We are a focused facility concentrating on the CrossFit method with an Endurance supplement. We are bare bones, work hard, and be proud of your results kind of gym.  You will not be lost in a crowd, nor will you have to wait for the mayor of the gym to move off the squat rack. Our class sizes are limited, enabling our certified coaches to spend the time necessary to maximize your results.

We are one of the few places that coach running, not just go run, but actual form.  We also have programming for Marathons and Triathlon Training for beginners.

26.2 CrossFit does not rely on equipment to occupy your workout, we are right there with you coaching your form and keeping you motivated.  We understand that knowledgeable, courteous, patient staff is essential to your, and our, success. Our coaches are not here to judge you; they are here to support you on your journey.  We can modify (scale) our workouts to accommodate any level of fitness, anyone can do CrossFit, not everyone has the motivation required to.

I know how intimidating a CrossFit gym can be.

Click here to just start already!!!!

I look forward to seeing you

Allie Newell

(321) 636 4206

1 thought on “Want to start getting Healthy!?

  1. Karen Micoliczyk March 5, 2020 — 06:26

    Thank you to 26.2 for allowing me to “drop in” to CrossFit classes all week while visiting my ill cousin. I’ve learned many movement improvements that I will carry with me back to my future workouts and my quest to reach PRs. Your acceptance, guidance and motivation is proof that the CrossFit community is BEST! Thank you for the cool T-shirt and for everything you did for me this week to both Coaches and Members. Love! ❤️

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